agriCLOUD, phase 2

Cloud-based Precision Farming management system

agriCLOUD, phase 2

Demonstration of a cloud-based precision farming management system
for a sustainable and intensive agriculture to secure long-term food supply in Europe - phase II

duration month: 24 | start: 01.05.2016

This projects targets the pilot application and market introduction of agriCLOUD, a cloud-based precision farming (PF) management system for more efficent, sustainable production of crops in Europe.

The objectives are:

  • final technical development
  • product demonstration trough field trials with 6 pilot customers
  • market launch in selected EU countries

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 720176.


Today, lots of farmers still manage their crop by gut feelin, leading to inappropriate fertilization, plant damage and unnecessary environmental impact. agriCLOUD is the first holistic PF approach, processing all available data from agronomic sensors, machinery and service companies and, backed by plant nutrition expert knowledge, facilitates a targeted use of fertilisers and pesticides, efficient machinery utilisation and workflow management.

Farmers are operating a mixed stock of stand-alone agricultural machinery. agriCLOUD meets their need for integrated solutions with only one data infracstructure for a coordinated, easy-to-use machinery control from one user interface.

The EU agricultural industry faces the challenge of responding to an increasing demand for food whilst at the same time having to ensure the sustainable use of resources. The Commission already identified PF as a key technology to solve this problem. However, European farmers have not yet adopted PF due to draw backs of existing solutions. agriCLOUD is able to solve those bottlenecks and contributes to Europe's drive towards more competitiveness and long-term sustainability in agriculture as well as towards the recent EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

project partner

  • Agri Con GmbH, Germany (consortium leader)
  • AgriCon Precision Farming Kft., Hungary
  • Precision Farming SIA (Latvia)
  • BAG Precision Farming Sp z o.o., Poland

Effects of using agriCLOUD

yield production+ 3 to 10 %
fertilisers- 12 to 20 %
lodging- 50 to 100 %
harvest efficiency+ 12 to 20 %
annual savings amount~ 130 €/ha
amortization of agriCLOUD1 to 1,5 years


Dr. Martin Schneider

Dr. Martin Schneider

T: +49 34324 524300