Digital Base Fertilization with agricon

From the deman analysis to the finished spreading map

agricon Base Fertilization

Why is the digital base fertilization with agricon worth it?

Practical experience shows: Necessary amounts of fertilizer are always spread but subomtimally distributed. If this way parts of fields stay undersupplied, there can be the following consequences: yield drops regardless of the soil quality.

With agricon base fertilization method…

  • farmers spread calcium, P, K und Mg automatically on each part of the field where they are needed.
  • lack of nutrients is fixed.
  • excess passages and fertilizer costs are saved on areas with sufficient supply.
  • oversupply - especially in livestock farms - is excluded.

Advantage of the agricon Base Fertilization Concept


Increased soil fertility

excess proceeds* [∅]

= 50 - 100 €/ha*

Growth of N-efficiency
Higher yeild and Guarantee of harvested crop quality
Saving of operational resources & Avoidance of unnecessary passages

* Results from our own analysis of ca. 500.000 ha sampled area in Germany


Feature of agricon base fertilization method

Detaillierte Bodenzonenkarten | die Grundlage für eine optimierte Bodenbeprobung


Soil scanning map (left) and dynamic grid (right)

Differences within plant stock mostly depend on the soil. The measurement of electrical conductivity with the help of a soil scanner gives the first impression of these relative differences. As a result you get detailed soil zone maps.


  • high spacial resolution
  • free from subjective influence of a human
  • non-destructive measurement methods
  • reproductible
  • one-time measurement is enough

In order to carry out soil sampling, field parts are devided into grid. Zones with the same conductivity show similar soil properties. Soil analysis should be made in these zones.

For the best possible precision and repeatability a dynamic grid according to the soil scanning map is preferable to the fixed grid.

Nutrient distribution maps | pH-value as well as P, K and Mg can be seen at a glance

The soil survey results in nutrient distribution maps for calcium, phosphor, magnesium and potassium. At a glance these make it clear which parts of the field should be fertilized in a targeted way and where you can save on excess passages and fertilizer.


  • GPS-supported soil sampling: routes and puncture spots are recorded.
  • personal consultant: close alignment with sampling technicians of your region especially relating to navigability of the fields as well as to the fertilizer applied recently
  • transparent processing: regular updates of the work status of your sampling order in agriPORT
  • Application of an innovative non-stop sampling technology: strong punching power and constant quality - also within limited time frames
  • certified test report on paper and in digital form in agriPORT
Nutrient distribution maps

Fertilization planning | now your soil survey pays off

Eletronic spreading maps

The investment into the soil analysis pays off by a consistent implementation of soil sampling results with further application. The Calculation of fertilizer amounts is carried out automatically with agriPORT.


  • Fertilization planning for every part of the field based on the individual soil group.
  • automatic calculation of optimum fertilizer amounts according to the already filed country-specific fertilization rules.
  • all planning data are adjustable individually.
  • easily applied, yielfd effects are realized shortly.
  • Multiple access principle enables the engagement of authorised third parties, for example, consultant or service provider.
  • complete organisation of fertilization planning and support during the application through agricon specialists.

Eletronic spreading maps | Put Calcium, P, K and Mg automatically to the point

  • Export of spreading maps from agriPORT in ISOBUS, Shape or PF-Box format
  • Processing with any spreader, tractor and terminal independent from the manufacturer possible
  • Data export is carried out per USB stick or wireless directly to the machine
Processing with any spreader, tractor and terminal independent from the manufacturer possible

Service & Support | Suitable service packages for active and comfort clients

Service package "Active" | For farmers who would like to plan themselves


Active possibilities for farmer in agriPORT:

  • Field plots administration (change and adjust the field boundaries, plots names and geometry)
  • Crop rotation and fertilization planning for a time period of up to 6 years
  • Preparation and export of spreading maps for calcium, P, K, Mg for all possible terminals*

agricon services:

  • Provision of calcium spreading maps for all sampled field plots
  • Extensive agriPORT training material (tutorials, webinars, manuals)

* Map processing function provided

Service package "Comfort" | We take care of everything


    • Update service for all field plot data (field boundaries, plots names and geometry)
    • Data service
      • Skill practice in crop rotation and constant fertilization measures (organic, mineral)
      • Yearly calcium, P, K, Mg fertilization planning according to the Fertilization Decree and preparation of spreading maps on the basis of individual requirements
      • Detailed coordination of suitable spreading map format and their transfer to the office per Email and/or directly to the machine
      • Entry (calcium, P, K, Mg) of the applied fertilization measures
      • Preparation of nutrient balances
    • Hotline for questions on data management, fertilization planning, spreading maps, spreading technology and terminals ( complete process)
    • Additional training and exchange of experience with other users at a yearly held work groups "Digital Plant Cultivation"

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