Realizing digital crop protection with sensor asistance

Variable application of growth regulators and fungicides

agricon Plant Production

Enhance safety and security in...

decision making:

  • transparent, agronomically tested control functions
  • digital and fully automated documentation of all plant protection measures
  • daily updated overview of all applied funds and quantities


  • work orders for drivers with all specific sensor settings via digital transmission to the terminal
    (optionally also on paper)
  • continuous and error-free adaptation of pesticides to current crop development
  • automatic consideration of minimum dosages and compliance with legal maximum quantities

the public eye:

  • use of the currently highest level of technology in crop protection - corresponding proofs are thus
    digitally available at all times
  • image improvement by means of innovative sensor technology
  • digitization as a socially oriented solution to the problem with so-called "pesticides"


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Avoiding over- and underdosing by means of intelligent technology
Protecting plants as needed
Preventing the formation of resistances
Reduce environmental impact to a minimum
Protect employees from errors in the application of fungicides and growth regulators

Improve competitiveness*

Guaranteed effectiveness of fungicides on particularly endangered sub-areas
Maximum protection from lodging by means of variable application of growth regulators
Higher yields and quality assurance of the harvested crop
No plant physiological stress in thin stands
Reducing costs due to savings on crop protection products

*Average additional annual revenue of 45 €/ha each. Calculated on the basis of results from 36 (growth regulators) and 43 (fungicides) on-farm research trials carried out jointly with farms and other partners
(period: 2008-2017; farm sizes: 150 - 5,000 ha).


Components of the Agricon plant protection procedure

P3 sensor or YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2

  • Manufacturer-independent for mounted, trailed or self-propelled field sprayers
  • Robust and compact design
  • Modular design makes it suitable for any working width
  • Up to 24 hours operating time due to own light source

  • 52 Control functions for variable growth controller applications
  • 727 Control functions for variable fungicide applications
  • Control of the crop protection sensors
  • Operation of the plant protection technology
  • Automatic processing of application cards
  • Optional: automatic part width section control, parallel guidance and navigation
  • Have the latest crop protection lists always available
  • Planning of tank mixes with up to eight mixing partners
  • Automatic assurance of all legal requirements for spray rates
  • Continuous storage and documentation of sensor data
  • Plot-specific evaluation of plant protection measures
  • more...

Building blocks for digital operation

"Up to date" with the specialist modules. The latest crop production software with agronomic algorithms is always included. The data is automatically synchronized between the machine and the operations manager's office. The standard remote maintenance enables quick help during the season.

From the field: What our customers say

More information about digital crop protection

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