Data Management with agriPORT

Organization of operation procedures in digital crop production


Why is digital data management with agriPORT of value?

agriPORT was developed together with practitioners especially for site-specific plant cultivation.

With this cloud-based software…

  • farmers organise their operational processes fast, safe and independent from individual agricultural machinery and operating resources suppliers.
  • recommendations for action are based on agronomic rules. They are preinstalled and applied automatically.
  • the users can share their data with authorised third parties by allocation of access rights, for instance, for plant cultivation consultants and service providers.

agriPORT in practice |Field and cultivation management


  • Overview of all fields and crop rotations of the enterprise in terms of space and time.
  • Management of field geometry: field drawing, sharing, uniting, etc.
  • Export of field lists
  • Planning of crop rotation and yield goals

agriPORT in practice | Base fertilization


  • Planning of soil sampling
  • Presentation of nutrient distribution maps and analysis of nutrient supply - for every single field up to the whole enterprise overview
  • Fully automatic fertilization planning on each part of the field based on soil sampling, cultivation plan as well as applicable regional fertilization rules
  • Calculation of electronic application maps
  • Export of electronic application maps to all customary data formats - per USB stick or wireless direct to the machine
  • Automatic entry of the applied fertilization and calculation of remaining quantities needed - thus, you always have an up-to-date application map
  • Taking into account organic and complex fertilizers according to the application map as well as recalculation of "nutrient cocktails" use
  • matic nurtient balancing for each financial year


agriPORT in practice | N-fertilization


N-sensor evaluation

    • The measured N-uptake from the autumn scanning will automatically be saved und assigned to the corresponding fields
    • Extensive presentation of N-uptake for all evaluated fields
    • Agronomically founded calculation of electronic N-application maps for the first application of N in spring
    • Export of electronic application maps to all customary data formats - per USB stick or wireless direct to the machine
    • Automatic documentation of the applied N-fertilizer amounts

    N-sensor fertilization

    • Create, manage and evaluate N-monitoring  (also in connection with the agriPORT mobile app)
    • Preparation of work orders for the work with the N-sensor
    • Automatic documentation and site-specific assignment of the measured N-uptake and amounts of N applied
    • Automatic calculation and presentation of N control maps


    agriPORT in practice | Plant protection


    Convince yourself with the advantages of an internet-based data management with agriPORT. Our experts in your region will gladly consult you on the possible applications - your call and an email will suffice.

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