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agriPORT 5.0 knowledge transfer in various workshops

News - 23.06.2022 - 25th anniversary is celebrated with brand new precision farming software platform
During the 25th anniversary of the Agricon, the new generation of agriPORT was presented and introduced. The version 5.0 is brand new developed system dedicated to professional arable farms. Precision Farming Solutions are the heart of it and it provides an independent and holistic solution for all farming operations. mehr

agriOS: New update available!

News - 03.01.2022 - agriOS: New update available!
Our terminal software agriOS has been updated. This update is now available for our customers and can be installed independently. Included are the following changes and improvements. mehr

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Note for agriPORT-users | The crop year change is coming!

Blog - 21.07.2022 - Note for agriPORT-users | The crop year change is coming!
On August 1, the automatic change to the new harvest year 2023 starts. Application maps that you have made in harvest year 2022 can only be exported in harvest year 2022. Read more

[Translate to Englisch:] Auswirkung der Düngeverordnung in Deutschland

Blog - 08.05.2022 - The DVO costs farmers in Germany around 500 million euros. | 1
Based on data from real fertilization trials, agronomists have been able to quantify the resulting economic damage of the DVO in the range of 50 to 155 €/ha. Also, all data show that with halfway normal fertilization behavior there is no effect on the intended goal of the DVO. With fertilization at the optimum and below 100 kg N balance, there is no or only an insignificant correlation to the N output. The only way out of the dilemma is the orientation of fertilization on the basis of the respective annual optimum and the individual area. Read more

After the harvest is before the harvest

Blog - 25.08.2021 - After the harvest is before the harvest
The 2021 threshing crop harvest is essentially complete. It is the first year in which the rules of the DVO apply to all and especially in the red areas the N-quantities had to be lowered by 20%. Yields, just like prices, are essentially at normal to good levels. Everything good? Can't we manage with the restrictions? No, it's not all good at all. The majority of farmers were just a little lucky this year. Read more

RWG Jameln becomes official Agricon partner

Blog - 09.08.2021 - RWG Jameln becomes official Agricon partner
The Raiffeisen-Warengenossenschaft Jameln eG is now an official partner of Agricon GmbH. With this cooperation, we make it possible that customers can now also find an advisor in precision farming at their local contact for many years. Read more

Certificate Course in Review Part 2

Blog - 08.07.2021 - Certificate Course in Review Part 2
2020 started the 1st certificate course around digital crop production in the annual cycle. We show the individual topics as they progress. Read more

The first N-sensor season in self-study

Blog - 02.06.2021 - The first N-sensor season in self-study
Farmer Felix Gümbel bought a Yara N sensor to improve his nitrogen fertilization and taught himself how to use our sensor through self-study with the help of Agricon Academy. Read more

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