Blog - The AgRevolutionary | 03.02.2020
For entrepreneur Peer Leithold, every square meter of a field is unique due to the interaction of climate, soil type and plants. With his team, he has digitized agriculture - and convinced a market leader. Read more

Is digitalization the 'magical solution'?

Blog - Is digitalization the 'magical solution'? | 12.11.2019
Why does society no longer trust agriculture - but still trust the individual farmer? What are the reasons for this and can digitalization help to regain the lack of trust? Read more

Precision in corn production

Blog - Precision in corn production | 18.10.2019
Strategies in corn cultivation are continuously optimized. Nevertheless, it still poses a number of economic, ecological and political challenges. Digital processes can increase the efficiency of maize production and at the same time conserve natural resources. Read more

The autumn scan of grain and rapeseed

Blog - The autumn scan of grain and rapeseed | 04.10.2019
In the "autumn scan", farmers use their YARA N-Sensor® to measure the current N uptake of winter rape stocks and can thus calculate spreading maps for the first N dosage in the following spring. This ensures optimum fertilization of the plants. Current research results show that this procedure also leads to positive effects in winter wheat. Read more

Site specific application of growth regulators

Blog - Site specific application of growth regulators | 06.09.2019
With a constant application of growth regulators, weak stands are treated up to 4 times overdosed. For large populations, less than half the application rate remains. In unfavorable situations, this leads to repeated lodging in the high yield zones and yield losses in the low yield zones. Growth regulators therefore have to be applied site specifically. Read more

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