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9 reasons pro the YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2

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The new generation of the YARA N-Sensor® ALS sets state of the standards in precision farming. It's the continuation of a long-standing success story of the YARA N-Sensor®. Agricultural journalist Karl Bockholt from agrarheute has enumerated nine arguments in favour of the next generation of the sensor system:

1. Around 6,000 euros cheaper

Production costs have fallen by 6,000 euros compared to the predecessor model. Customers are to save the money in the future. To date, more than 700 farmers in Germany use the system for sensor-assisted crop cultivation. Approximately 1,600 sensor systems are in use worldwide.

2. Flexible mounting of measuring heads

The new modular design makes it possible to screw the system directly onto attachments. The measuring heads can be removed for this purpose and can also be mounted individually on the booms of pneumatic fertiliser spreaders or on the booms of field sprayers. With up to eight measuring heads the measuring range can be enlarged and individual boom sections can be controlled separately.

3. Can be used when dew too

Until now, dewdrops have interfered with the measurements of active light sensors in the field like a mirror. Now more wavelengths are used and there are no more falsifications. The revised sensor can thus be used largely independently of the weather and around the clock.


4. LED instead of Xenon

ALS means Active Light Source. Xenon flash lamps were previously used, but now cheaper LED luminaires are being used. They are more durable and help to reduce weight and make the device easier to install. The new sensor weighs only about half the weight of its predecessor.

5. Vertical measurement possible

The oblique measurement of the plant population is enormously important. The variable alignment of the sensor heads now also makes vertical measurement possible. The YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2 thus opens up additional areas of application: The new system is now also suitable for experimental plots or special crops with small working widths.

6. Documentation from a single source

The YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2 usually brings increased yields, according to the supplier. At the same time, the specifications of the amended fertiliser ordinance are automatically complied with and environmental impacts caused by fertilisers or pesticides are reduced to a minimum. Intelligent algorithms automatically comply with legal requirements, such as the upper nitrogen limit of the fertiliser ordinance. This prevents application errors. Job creation with work orders can also be created optionally via agriPORT (Cloud-based).

<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4QLboBoXHqc?rel=0&showinfo=0" allowfullscreen="" style="width:50%;height:300px;"></iframe>


7. Current software offers more

With the software agriOS PF (Precision Farming) Box 4.5 four basic and two application modes are possible. A new feature is target value output as a control function. There are another 20 control functions for fertilizing, 48 for growth regulators, over 700 for fungicides and currently three for siccation.

8. Compatible with many devices

According to Agricon, the hardware of the revised sensor fits all major types of industrial field sprayers and fertiliser spreaders. Agricultural equipment manufacturers can now equip their spreaders with the sensor hardware ex works. The customer support will then be provided by Agricon..

9. Improve image through variable fertilizing and spraying

The public image of agriculture can be improved by the revised sensor technology. Plant cultivation is thus based on transparent, agronomic algorithms. Rule-based crop production is intended to help secure the future viability of agricultural operations.

Annotation: The origin article by Herrn Bockholdt has been has been specified or supplemented by Agricon in a few parts.

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