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05.06.2020 - Manuel Ermann

Saxony promotes special training in precision farming

Farmers have to use inputs ever more carefully and efficiently to ensure their competitiveness in the long term. Information-guided, rule-based and automated crop production is therefore becoming increasingly important in the sector.

In Saxony, agricultural educational institutions are only sporadically dedicated to the topic of precision farming. A holistic offer for farm managers and agronomists has not existed until now. This is now changing with the certificate course "Digital crop production in the annual cycle", which will take place for the first time in July 2020. The in-service special training was developed by Agronym, an association that qualifies agricultural experts in innovative fields.

"The certificate course is a completely new educational format for agricultural practitioners," explains Prof. Dr Thomas Herlitzius from the Technical University of Dresden. He is chairman of the board of Agronym e.V. and co-initiated the specialised training. "Our approach is currently unprecedented in Germany: over the course of a complete season, we impart crop production knowledge and record all the data relevant to the course in parallel on trial plots. We evaluate this digital information together with the participants, whereby agronomic correlations become apparent. In this way, the knowledge can be directly applied in practice," Herlitzius continues.

The certificate course "Digital crop production in the annual cycle" starts in the summer of each year and lasts 13 months. It has a modular structure and is concluded with an examination. In order to be able to guarantee high quality and personal support, the number of participants is limited to twelve. The costs of around 10,000 EUR per person will be covered in the 2020/21 season by a grant from the Free State of Saxony.

Agronym is supported by Agricon both in the content and in the methodological-didactic design of the special training. "It's great that we were able to help set up this innovative certificate course," says Managing Director Peer Leithold. He adds "Precision farming can only develop its full potential when digital processes and their rules are communicated transparently, understood by users and applied on farms in a comprehensible way."

Interested parties can now register for the certificate course "Digital crop production in the annual cycle" on the Agronym e.V. homepage.


The certificate course is a completely new training approach with highly innovative content for agricultural practitioners. The complex transfer of knowledge combined with practical implementation is unique in Saxony, Germany and Europe.

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