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20.09.2022 - Bodo Hanns (Send email to Bodo Hanns)

N-fertilizers scarce and expensive - therefore pay attention to highest n-efficiency!


In times when nitrogen is only available with difficulty and at very high prices, there can be no "business as usual" in fertilization. The status quo on many farms is that N is constantly applied to the field. But this benefits neither the good nor the bad crops - either too much or too little fertilizer is applied. However, this watering-can principle cannot achieve high N efficiency in arable farming.

Our solution: Alignment with the needs of the crop

Align the first N-application in winter rape and cereals with the demand of the crop. The YARA N-Sensor® is the best way to do this. The sensor measures the nitrogen uptake in kg N/ha with high resolution. There is currently no better index for evaluating crop stands. You can now lay the foundation for highly efficient nitrogen use in your fields.

Fertilize first N application variably

Step 1:
Record stand differences in cereals and canola with a fall scan.

Step 2:
Calculate a variable rate spreading map during the winter months for the 1st N application

Step 3:
Subsequently, the processing of the spreading maps can be carried out with all modern application equipment. Depending on the available technology, you transfer the maps via e-mail or classically via USB stick.


Fertilize crops variably with the YARA N-Sensor®

Due to the market situation, the optimal use of N fertilizer is more important than ever. Agricon offers with the autumn scan and the variable fertilization a method that has been proven for many years to use fertilizer highly efficiently and to feed crop stands in the best possible way.

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