Blog - The AgRevolutionary | 03.02.2020
For entrepreneur Peer Leithold, every square meter of a field is unique due to the interaction of climate, soil type and plants. With his team, he has digitized agriculture - and convinced a market leader. Read more

Is digitalization the 'magical solution'?

Blog - Is digitalization the 'magical solution'? | 12.11.2019
Why does society no longer trust agriculture - but still trust the individual farmer? What are the reasons for this and can digitalization help to regain the lack of trust? Read more

Knowledge beats technology

Blog - Knowledge beats technology | 06.08.2019
With precision farming, the partial areas of a field are worked with pinpoint precision. Peer Leithold and his company Agricon intend to automate this process and digitize crop cultivation. He started this process 20 years ago. Read more

Ladies' doubles relies on digitization

Blog - Ladies' doubles relies on digitization | 06.06.2019
Simone and Maria Klein run an arable farm in Unstruttal. When compensating for uneven harvest quality due to highly heterogeneous soils, both farmers rely on site-specific fertilisation and show that Precision Farming can also pay off in small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises. Read more

Thinking from the plant's point of view

Blog - Thinking from the plant's point of view | 31.05.2019
Agricon's founder and managing director Peer Leithold is convinced: Automation will bring a lot to the field if it bundles the best of crop science. His reply to criticism of digitalization. Read more

Agricon digitalizes European crop production

Blog - Agricon digitalizes European crop production | 19.04.2019
In 30 years roughly nine billion people will live on our planet. At the same time, the world's arable land will have decreased by several billion hectares at the same time. Intensifying crop production in Europe is therefore a question of global responsibility. Read more

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