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Digitization in agriculture - between hype and frustration

Blog - 30.01.2019 - Digitization in agriculture - between hype and frustration
At present it seems as if digitization in agriculture is accelerating more and more. At least if one observes the corresponding activities of various corporations. Announcements promise a better, digital future. But if you talk to practitioners, it becomes clear that this topic, which is so dominant in the public, causes more frustration than desire for this future. Read more

Tradition and modernity

Blog - 15.01.2019 - Tradition and modernity
If you fertilise according to need, you can save a lot of money. Farmer and contractor Andreas Steier from Saxony uses the Yara N-Sensor for this purpose. He needs up to 30 % less nitrogen fertiliser and is happy about more homogeneous crops. Read more

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