The crop year change is coming! | 21.07.2021

The crop year change is coming!

On August 1, the automatic change to the new harvest year 2022 starts.
Application maps that you have made in harvest year 2021 can only be exported in harvest year 2021. To switch to the previous harvest year, you will find the switch button on the top right of your screen display.

Soil test older than 6 years?
Please note that the maximum planning period of 6 years can be crossed during the crop year change. These plots will no longer appear in the fertilizer planning. Therefore, plan your spreading maps for these fields before July 31 and document previous fertilization measures! 

Your fields were automatically taken over from the harvest year 2021. We will be happy to update your field geometry for you. To do this, simply send us an e-mail with the current area data in shp. format to
Due to the high computing power during the crop year change, the fertilization planning may open with a delay. In case of problems you can also contact our service hotline directly (+49 34324 524555).

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