agriOS: New update available! | 03.01.2022

agriOS: New update available!
agriOS: New update available!

On Friday, 12/17/2021, agriOS was released. It includes the following changes and improvements:


  • Agronomic control functions to version 4.5.116a.2324
  • BVL plant protection product approval lists for the plant protection modules Target Value and Absolute.  


  • Modularization of the update procedure: each sub-module (PF box, PP absolute, PP target value, BVL, ...) can be updated individually. Thus significant reduction of data volume and time.
  • Revision of GSM service for more stable LTE reception (CF19, FZ-G1 and AT1000 only)
  • Update of TeamViewer to version 15 via agriOS
  • Revision of the program error memory for better error analysis


  • Display of an active internet connection using globe icon in addition to cellular reception display

Bug fixing:

  • Revision of the framework

The update of the terminal software agriOS can be done by each of our customers independently. To do this, click on the update process via the "Update" settings. Thereupon you will be guided through the update process. 

If you still have questions, please contact our service team at 034324 524 555 or

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