25th anniversary is celebrated with brand new precision farming software platform | 23.06.2022

agriPORT 5.0 knowledge transfer in various workshops

During the 25th anniversary of the Agricon, the new generation of agriPORT was presented and introduced. The version 5.0 is brand new developed system dedicated to professional arable farms. Precision Farming Solutions are the heart of it and it provides an independent and holistic solution for all farming operations. 

Modern cloud technologies are combined with proven agronomic algorithms and a streamlined user interface. The planning, application and automatic documentation of all inputs, both uniform and site-specific are the core of the system.  This ensures a smooth transition from conventional to precision farming.

New features of agriPORT 5.0 at a glance: 
- Dedicated to professional arable farms 
- Holistic management of all inputs with one solution 
- Scenario planning for the entire crop rotation 
- More than 6 times faster map calculation than before
- More than 3 times higher spatial resolution than before
- New User Interface 
- Compatible with all operating systems and devices 
- Fully integrated in existing terminals and N-sensors

"The current version provides farmer a solution for all precision farming applications, manufacturer independent and with the best agronomic knowledge and algorithms available" explains Peer Leithold (CEO and Owner, Agricon GmbH). "Farm managers get a centralized overview of all upcoming applications, can plan ahead and, once the application is done, can book everything Cross Compliance conform - precisely down to the sub field! On the new platform, we will continue to release new modules and features over the next time. agriPORT will thus become the only holistic and independent solution for the modern arable farm." 

agriPORT 5.0 is moving from www.agriport.net to www.agriport.com and is immediately available to customers after the release in July.



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