Release agriPORT | 02.05.2023

Release agriPORT 02.05.2023

  • Fix: Enter factor = 1 for scatter maps
  • Error handling raster operations extended
  • Post entered application rate at ND LogFiles, will be saved and used when interpolating
  • Adjustment of the timestamps at the DG Planning/Posting Delete adjusted to uniform time
  • Fix: Foreign data with only 2 sample points now run cleanly through

Release agriPORT 18.04.2023

  • Added Czech as a language
  • Fix: Logout improved
  • Constant polygons now get constant value (If median=Max, then Max)
  • Fix: Area calculation for merged fields
  • Bug-Fix: Error handling with no samplefield

Release agriPORT 14.04.2023

  • Fix: Fertilizer rule DL Potassium Soil group 3
  • ND planning also possible with non-sensor crop
  • Fix: ND Quantity output
  • Fix: ND sum for booking wizard
  • Performance improvement when loading in general
  • Minor bug fixes ND
  • Fix: Grid size ND now matches field geometry

Release agriPORT 05.04.2023

  • Fix: Create Field_raster jobs via right click in map
  • Fix: Create ND planning with non sensor fruits
  • Fix: Display of log points "unknown hits
  • Fix: Fix when assigning multiple LogFiles to one hit
  • Fix: Sending the action of the RB Store to all farms (performance and table is not loaded in GD/Overview)
  • Fix: Several performance improvement in the ND and GD overviews
  • Fix: Linking and posting LogFiles with constant schedules
  • Fix: N-requirement in ND/requirement now only takes integer values
  • Fix: Parse Jobs (.Log in .CSV) check if record already exists in sensor.Dataset
  • Fix: Clean Job (Clean databases)
  • Fix: Display of the gift for scatter cards in the ND
  • Fix: Suggest fertilizer when confirming LogFiles via Massedit now preferred mineral and correct product
  • Fix: Total product in ND plannings are now updated directly after saving the plannings
  • Fix: When F5+ farm change, the ND / overview is loaded properly
  • New: Excel export of ND overview and GD overview
  • New: ND / overview with the column already fertilized and the sum over all posted entries

Major Release agriPORT 5.1 23.03.2023

  • Plan split, overlap and merge fields
  • Hover over fields in schedules shows field name and numbers
  • New status Basic fertilization/Overview
  • Split and merge fields possible via inside service
  • Quick selection of fields from existing plans
  • Crop rotation no longer has to be closed
  • Single tillage in N fertilization
  • Booking constant planning N fertilization
  • Performance improvements
  • Translations Udate
  • Fix for ISO XML export
  • More bug fixes

Release 13-15.03.2023

  • Bugfix: Mail Import Logfiles
  • Bugfix: Alignment ISO-XML grid
  • Bugfix: Reactivate deleted users
  • Extended support view turned on in all tables

Release 08.03.2023

  • Enter, change and delete demand calculation now cleanly triggered at crop rotation
  • Performance Improvement:
    • Load fruit types
    • ND Database
  • Fertilizer rules rest of countries updated
  • Minimum overlap area of sampling fields increased to 0.2 ha.
  • Troubleshooting when summing up migrated m³ and t schedules
  • Total product in ND Planning and bookings
  • General performance improvements

Release 03.03.2023

  • Contouring improved (zero contours now have continuous values)
  • 0 Contours are now neatly written in demand and planning
  • For this purpose necessary new interpolation of all countries except Germany (coming next week)
  • Bugfix Clear map cache

Release 01.03.2023

  • Minimum overlap area with sampling field increased from 9 to 1000 sq. m.
  • Performance improvement ND/Overview
  • Performance improvement ND/Logfiles
  • Performance Accept/reject log files
  • Added number of log points in import/overview

Release 28.02.2023

  • General performance improvement
  • Update/activation fertilizer rules Poland and new interpolation
  • Update fertilizer rules (conversion to phasing out towards 0 (CAL, CaCl2, KCl)

Release 24.02.2022

  • GD: Decimal numbers in measured values i n Sampling distribution and nutrient distribution now rounded to 1 decimal number and sortable
  • DG. Update lime and potash rules (Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia)
  • ND: Export Dead biomass now as % specification to PF box
  • ND: Pure nutrient taken out of ND plans. Default value now Mineral
  • Tables refresh when creating resources
  • Translation update
  • Bugfixing

Release 22.02.2022

  • Fixed error when saving planning ND
  • Statistics sum product in GD/overview now correct at % planning
  • Testing crop rotation closed improved
  • Hide deleted fields from crop rotation
  • Sampling date now identical to demand calculation (at least 9 sqm overlap into the field)
  • Product selection is now retained when going back and forth in ND Planning
  • General bug fixes

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