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News about agriPORT release

News - 12.06.2024 - Release agriPORT
Release agriPORT mehr

agriPORT 5.0 knowledge transfer in various workshops

News - 23.06.2022 - 25th anniversary is celebrated with brand new precision farming software platform
During the 25th anniversary of the Agricon, the new generation of agriPORT was presented and introduced. The version 5.0 is brand new developed system dedicated to professional arable farms. Precision Farming Solutions are the heart of it and it provides an independent and holistic solution for all farming operations. mehr

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The first N-sensor season in self-study

Blog - 02.06.2021 - The first N-sensor season in self-study
Farmer Felix Gümbel bought a Yara N sensor to improve his nitrogen fertilization and taught himself how to use our sensor through self-study with the help of Agricon Academy. Read more

Precise fertilising with tradition

Blog - 07.07.2020 - Precise fertilising with tradition
A service provider duo in Hildburghausen has been offering farms needs-based basic and nitrogen fertilisation for 20 years. The basis for this is their own soil samples, an ALS2 N sensor on the agrotruck and the agriPORT software. Read more

Saxony promotes special training in precision farming

Blog - 05.06.2020 - Saxony promotes special training in precision farming
The certificate course "Digital crop production in the annual cycle" is characterised by an application-oriented transfer of agronomic knowledge. The one-year, in-service special training was developed by Agronym, an association that promotes agricultural specialists. Agricon is supporting the certificate course over the next three years. Read more

Success in the last mile

Blog - 28.02.2020 - Success in the last mile
John Deere and Agricon have recently agreed on a strategic partnership. Precision farming is only successful when agricultural technology is combined with crop farming expertise. Digital technologies can thus better exploit their economic value for the user. Read more

Blog - 03.02.2020 - The AgRevolutionary
For entrepreneur Peer Leithold, every square meter of a field is unique due to the interaction of climate, soil type and plants. With his team, he has digitized agriculture - and convinced a market leader. Read more

Is digitalization the 'magical solution'?

Blog - 12.11.2019 - Is digitalization the 'magical solution'?
Why does society no longer trust agriculture - but still trust the individual farmer? What are the reasons for this and can digitalization help to regain the lack of trust? Read more

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