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News about agriPORT release

News - 07.07.2023 - Release agriPORT
Release agriPORT mehr

agriPORT 5.0 knowledge transfer in various workshops

News - 23.06.2022 - 25th anniversary is celebrated with brand new precision farming software platform
During the 25th anniversary of the Agricon, the new generation of agriPORT was presented and introduced. The version 5.0 is brand new developed system dedicated to professional arable farms. Precision Farming Solutions are the heart of it and it provides an independent and holistic solution for all farming operations. mehr

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The autumn scan of grain and rapeseed

Blog - 04.10.2019 - The autumn scan of grain and rapeseed
In the "autumn scan", farmers use their YARA N-Sensor® to measure the current N uptake of winter rape stocks and can thus calculate spreading maps for the first N dosage in the following spring. This ensures optimum fertilization of the plants. Current research results show that this procedure also leads to positive effects in winter wheat. Read more

Press review - the new Yara N-Sensor® ALS 2 generation

Blog - 26.10.2018 - Press review - the new Yara N-Sensor® ALS 2 generation
The market launch of the Yara N-Sensor® ALS 2 was well received in agricultural magazines. We have compiled the most important news for our agriconBLOG. Read more

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Blog - 17.10.2018 - 9 reasons pro the YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2
The new generation of the YARA N-Sensor® ALS sets new standards in precision farming. It continues the long-standing success story of the YARA N-Sensor®. Agricultural journalist Karl Bockholt has enumerated nine arguments in favour of the next generation of the sensor system. Read more

Soil data as basis for intelligent plant cultivation

Blog - 05.10.2018 - Soil data as basis for intelligent plant cultivation
Farmers, representatives of the agribusiness and scientists discussed new ways of data collection and evaluation in crop production at the SeBiMo innovation forum. Agricon was one of the project partners and presented its sub-area-specific management of soil fertility based on nutrient contents at a final congress. Read more

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