Digital Plant Protection with Sensors

Customized Application of Growth Regulators and Fungicides

agricon Plant Production

Since 2008: Results from OFR large scale trials together with farmers


Higher yield

excess proceeds [∅]

= 100 - 120 €/ha*

no N-related lodging
higher threshing performance                 
Increase and homogenization of raw protein content
Improvement of N-balance

* Results from the 36 On Farm Research trials together with farming businesses and partners (Enterprise size: 150 - 5000 ha)

Features of agricon plant protection methods

P3-Sensor & P3-Sensor XL | Plant protection sensors for every working width


  • Attached, pulled or self-propelled plant protection sprayers independent from manufacturer
  • Own source of light (24 hours operating time)
  • Masurement of current N-uptake
  • Robust and compact construction

Data portal agriPORT  | Plant protection measures - plan easily and do records automatically

  • Current plant protection products lists are always available
  • Planning of tank mixes with up to 8 combination partners
  • Automatically ensure your application amount input is legally ok
  • Documentation: Save and assign the data from P3-sensor automatically
  • Site-specific evaluation of plant protection measures
  • ...

agriPORT is:

  • web-based and therefore usable at any time and from anywhere
  • agronomically proved - all recommendations to action are preinstalled
  • independent from manufacturers of single agricultural machines and operational resources
  • able to provide access to authorised third parties, for example, consultants and service providers
  • safe by means of redundant data storage
  • easy to operate through intuitive user interface


[Translate to Englisch:] agriPORT Datenmanagement

Universal terminal & agronomic software | independent from manufacturer for all machines and equipment

  • 52 regulation functions for various growth regulator applications
  • 727 regulation functions for various fungicide applications


  • Activation of plant protection sensors
  • Operation of plant protection equipment
  • Automatic processing of application maps
  • Automatic section control*
  • Parallel guidance*
  • Navigation*
  • ...


Universal terminal & agronomic software

Service & Support | Employees, Machines & Software always stay up to date

[Translate to Englisch:] technischer Service

technical service


  • Installation and provision of operational condition through agricon service technicians*
  • yearly check of all hardware components
  • always updated software version through the yearly update
  • service hotline for technical questions
  • immediate help through remote maintenance
[Translate to Englisch:] Agronomie



    • personal support through a regional consultant*
    • regular guidance letters during the fertilization and plant protection season
    • yearly software update
    • service hotline for questions regarding plant cultivation and data management
    [Translate to Englisch:] Erfahrungsaustausch und Weiterbildung

    Exchange of experience and additional trainings


    • yearly users meeting in work group "Digital Plant Cultivation"
    • yearly driver trainings
    • access to agriconACADEMY with tutorials, webinars, manuals

    * in the first year of use

    From practice: that is what the users say

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