agriDOC flottakezelés

Az Agricon elektronikus gazdálkodási naplója

agriDOC flottakezelés

Stay in control at any time

agriDOC provides you with a permanent up-to-date overview of your farm:

  • Live display of all employees, machines and devices
  • Automated and permanent backup of all generated data
  • Daily created reflection of the farm's work economy
  • Better understanding of the behavior patterns of employees

Relief for the farm manager

agriDOC supports you improving your work organisation: 

  • Saves time by reducing unnecessary telephone calls and control visits
  • All-around automatic documentation (24/7/365) of all activities as well as downtime and breaks
  • All recorded information is available digitally at any time - no more annoying searches required
  • Automatic generation of booking records for your field record sheets

Which data and information are collected?

GPS logger

CAN logger (Canbus)

Multi logger (ISOBUS)
Position dataXXX
Driving lanesXXX
Engine dataXX
Diesel consumptionXX
Working positionX
Application amountX

Manage operations even when you are on the move

Our app agriDOCmobile enables you to track at any time and from anywhere where which employee is currently located with which machine.

You can download agriDOC mobile free of charge from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

További információk az agriDOC digitális flottakezelésről

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