Pilot for smart fertilising system with sensor, satellite and crop science to reduce nitrate and N-losses in agriculture

Duration: 36 months | 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023

The main objective of nutriCLOUD is to reduce the N-surplus (N++) and total N-fertiliser amount through implementation of an innovatice technology (based on innovative on-the-go sensor) for plant-specific, optimized, and intelligent variable rate application of nitrogen fertilizer, which is reducing related cost and effects, while providing higher yield rates, and compliance with N-limits according to Nitrate Directive and respective regulations.

Expected impacts

  • reduction of N++ by up to 15% locally, at a total area of 65,300 ha during project duration
  • reduction of N demand by up to -10%, (e.g. 171 kg/ha instead of 190 kg/ha applied for winter wheat under uniform treatment or 173 - 176 kg with state-of-the-art variable rate nitrogen treatment
  • increasing yields (e.g. winter wheat) by >6%
  • increasing overall nutrient efficiency by up to +19%
  • reducing nitrogen fertilizer-related CO2 footprint by 1,593t/y (up to -162t/company possible)
  • reducing N-emissions to water (NO3, NH4, DON) caused by over-fertilization: we will reduce N-surplus that can not be used by the plants and save up to 59t/y contaminated leaching water reducing N-emissions to air (NH3, N20) caused by N-surplus by -6%

Project Partners

  • Agricon Hungary Kft
  • SIA Precision Farming
  • Agricon-Polska sp.o.o.

Open Tendering

Short Description:
Sensor systems for measuring plant nitrogen status

27 Systems (54 Heads)

Deadline for submission:

Selection criteria:
Best value for money

Requested technical features:

  • Nonnadir view angle
  • Cabin mounting capability / view angle
  • Sunlight independence measurement
  • Interchangeable spectral bands (650 - 800 nm)
  • Optional spectral band filter +/ 10 nm
  • Dust proof
  • Water proof
  • Open API available

Please submit your quotation to:

Hermann Leithold
Im Wiesengrund 4
04749 Jahna
+49 34324 524346

Contact Person:

Hermann Leithold

Im Wiesengrund 4, 04749 Jahna
+49 34324 524346


This project has received funding from the European Union's LIFE LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency programme under grant agreement LIFE19 ENV/DE/00060.

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