Cyfrowe N-Nawożenie z sensorem

Stosowanie zmiennej dawki azotu

Cyfrowe N-Nawożenie z sensorem

Increase certainty...

in making decisions:

  • transparent fertilization rules and algorithms based on agronomically tested principles
  • digital and fully automatic documentation of all N-fertilization measures
  • daily updated overview of N balance, compliance with the Fertilizer Ordinance (EU Nitrates Directive 91/676/EEC) and actual N requirement of all stands

in usage:

  • work orders for drivers with all specific sensor settings on paper and/or digital dispatch to the terminal
  • error-free and automatic adaptation of N fertilisation to the actual N requirement of the crop
  • automatic data transmission of the sensor distribution map back to the data portal

    in public relations:

    • use of the currently highest technology level in N fertilization - corresponding proofs are thus digitally available at any time
    • image improvement through innovative sensor technology
    • digitalisation as a socially oriented solution to the so-called 'fertilizer problem'

      Assume responsibility

      Ending overfertilization with intelligent technology
      Fertilize crops only when necessary
      Protect soil and water quality
      Reduce environmental impact to a minimum
      Protect employees from mistakes in N fertilization

      Improve competitiveness *

      Saving N-fertilizer
      Stabilize and increase yields
      Improve N balance
      Homogenize and increase crude protein content
      Avoid N-induced lodging
      Increase threshing performance

      * Average additional revenue of EUR 100-120 per hectare per year. Calculated on the basis of results from over 280 on-farm research trials carried out together with farms and other partners (period: 2001 to 2014; farm sizes: 150 to 5,000 ha)


      Components of Agricon's N fertilization system

      YARA N-Sensor®

      YARA N-Sensor

      YARA N-Sensor® ALS 2

      YARA N-Sensor ALS 2
      Light sourceuse of daylightlight emitting diodes (LED)
      Daily operating timeup to 12 hours24 hours, even with dew
      Mountingon the roof of a carrier vehiclefreely chooseable due to modularity
      Compatibilityall electronically controllable fertilizer spreaders and field sprayers
      Measured parameteractual N uptake of the crops



      Data management with agriPORT

      • Determination of nitrogen demand in accordance with the Fertilizer Ordinance (EU Nitrates Directive 91/676/EEC); corresponding dynamic adjustment of N fertilizer quantities
      • Reliable planning and automatic balancing of all fertilizing measures (organic/mineral; constant/variable)
      • Save, assign, edit and export N-Sensor data
      • Order management for all work carried out with the N-Sensor more...

      Universal terminal und precision farming software

      • 23 control functions for variable N fertilization in winter and summer grain, winter rape, maize, potato and sugar beet
      • Three application modes: online approach, map approach, map overlay (fixed value, percentage)
      • Manufacturer-independent for all machines and devices

      Service & support - keep employees, technology and software up to date at all times

      After-sales service

      • Assembly and readiness for operation by an Agricon service technician*
      • Immediate help at any time through remote maintenance
      • Service helpline for technical questions
      • Annual check of all hardware components


      • Personal support from a regional Agricon consultant*.
      • Service helpline for questions about crop production and data management
      • Regular advice letters during the fertilizer season
      • Always up-to-date software due to annual updates

      Professional exchange and trainings

      • Exclusive access to agriconACADEMY with tutorials, webinars, manuals and much more
      • Professional exchange of experience in the annual working group "Digital Crop Production"
      • Continuous education in annual driver training courses

        * in the first year of use


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