Керування автопарком з agriDOC

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Керування автопарком з agriDOC

Stay in control at any time

agriDOC provides you with a permanent up-to-date overview of your farm:

  • Live display of all employees, machines and devices
  • Automated and permanent backup of all generated data
  • Daily created reflection of the farm's work economy
  • Better understanding of the behavior patterns of employees

Relief for the farm manager

agriDOC supports you improving your work organisation: 

  • Saves time by reducing unnecessary telephone calls and control visits
  • All-around automatic documentation (24/7/365) of all activities as well as downtime and breaks
  • All recorded information is available digitally at any time - no more annoying searches required
  • Automatic generation of booking records for your field record sheets

Which data and information are collected?

The following data and information are collected:

  • position data,
  • driving lanes,
  • speed and
  • standstill/breaks with GPS logger

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