Precision farming with Agricon

Best use of machines, operating resources and work time

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Innovative digital solutions for sustainable crop production

Agricon is a family-run medium-sized company developing innovative plant cultivation strategies for farming businesses, putting them into practice and implementing them together with enterprises.


  • increased efficiency and profitability

  • increased protection from resistance build-up as well as reduced environmental impact

  • reduced management burden trough improved operation smanagement


Mission statement

Peer Leithold
(Managing Director)

"Digitalisation enables us to hear more, to see more and thereby to recognize, to know and understand more in plant cultivation.

We can make decisions faster and exacter than earlier in the analogue world. We can manage bigger units in considerably higher quality and at the same time make sure each square meter is cultivated to the optimum.

In a nutshell, the digitalisation of plant cultivation is further development of single precision farming solutions to a management system which is, in terms of plant cultivation, entirely and completely integrated in the enterprise."

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