Precision farming with Agricon

Best use of machines, operating resources and work time

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Innovative digital solutions for sustainable crop production

Agricon is a family-run medium-sized company developing innovative plant cultivation strategies for farming businesses, putting them into practice and implementing them together with enterprises.


  • increased efficiency and profitability
  • increased protection from resistance build-up as well as reduced environmental impact
  • reduced management burden trough improved operation smanagement

Mission Statement

Peer Leithold,
Managing Director:

"Digitalization of agriculture enables us to hear more, to see more and thereby to recognize, to know and understand more in plant cultivation."


Current News

10th January:
Do you already know agriPORT properly? Register for a webinar now

29th December:
In January: Practical Workshop "Be clever, fertilize flexibly" - Precision Farming in Baden-Württemberg

10th October:
agricon and Kverneland seal their commitment to a strategic partnership in digital plant cultivation