Precision farming with Agricon

Best use of machines, operating resources and work time

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Who is Agricon?

Agricon is a precision farming specialist for information-guided, knowledge-based and automated crop production.

Precision Farming, Smart Farming, Digital Farming, Precision Landscape or even sub-plot management are terms that describe the same aspect: the use of digital technologies in agriculture. In animal production, the equivalent is called Precision Lifestock. There are three major application areas in field agriculture:

  • Automation of the work of tractors and equipment,
  • digitization of the office and
  • Precision farming, which is also known as sub-area-specific crop cultivation.

The core of precision farming is solving an agronomic question correctly

 At the beginning is the agronomic question. What is the best way to promote the growth process? What is the optimal amount of fertilizer, pesticide or seed for a particular spot in the field? For each question, there is a scientifically based and unambiguous answer from integrated crop production. And here two systems are diametrically opposed to each other:

  • Crop production according to predetermined recipes or even according to yield expectations and 
  • sub-area-specific crop production according to current and actual needs and damage thresholds, also called integrated crop production.

This current demand and thus the agronomically correct decisions for action can be derived from the set of rules tested in field trials and the respective associated information. For the current level of a site-specific liming, for example, information on the soil type, the pH value and their agronomic relationship to the level of optimal liming is required on a small scale. If the agronomic algorithm is known and the corresponding information can be collected digitally at low cost, precision farming can be used successfully. Precision farming increases yields, saves costs, protects the environment and ultimately increases profits in arable farming. The scientifically based use of inputs also increases the social acceptance of farmers.

And that is exactly what Agricon stands for. After taking stock of your farm together, we will draw up an implementation plan for your farm. Agricon supplies and installs the necessary technical infrastructure such as plant sensors and soil information, sets up a complete data management system, trains you and your employees both agronomically, technically and in data management, and advises you directly on your fields during the first year of application. After that, you can do it!

Our mission statement

Founded in 1997, Agricon is a family-owned and operated, mid-sized company that is currently transitioning into its 2nd generation. We have two major company goals:

  • The first priority is to create the greatest possible value for our customers.
  • The second goal is to generate and sustain a reasonable income for our employees, their personal growth and development and the creation of a meaningful and humane working atmosphere.

Focus: Our business object is exclusively the development, testing, sale and support of precision farming methods.

Independence: We are independent from the input and agricultural technology industry as well as from the control and monitoring activities of the state. Thus, we are free from any conflict of interest and are committed only to our customers and our own standards.

Result-oriented: Our close contact with our customers enables us to identify their needs at an early stage, initiate further and new developments and test them together in our customers' fields. Each of our innovations is tested and proven over several years in extensive OFR trials. We only offer solutions that we have convinced ourselves are practical and economically successful.

Fiduciary: Agricon hosts and processes its customers' data in a fiduciary capacity. The data belongs exclusively to our customers. The data is not shared and we ensure the highest possible protection. Any customer can take back their data at any time or even arrange for it to be permanently deleted. 

Committed: The shareholders and managing directors think and act in generations. All our employees are committed to performance and uncompromising quality. We do not take refuge in overly complex "compliance" or "corporate governance" rules. In business, we act according to the principles of the HONEST merchant: E for honesty; H for keeping agreements, the spoken word is valid; R for respect; B for modesty; A for respect for people and nature; R for honesty.