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27.09.2018 - Martin Schneider (Send email to Martin Schneider)

Lime planning for the entire farm in less than a minute

Lime planning for the entire farm in less than a minute

Simple routines enable agriPORT to calculate lime application maps for the entire farm - according to VDLUFA specifications. This means that you as the farm manager know immediately how much lime you need for your areas. A short video shows that in less than a minute it is possible to calculate the lime maps for all the fields of a farm as well as the required lime quantity.


<iframe width="560" height="500" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/f145AvegwWQ" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>


After a successful soil survey with Agricon, all data - ready prepared in agriPORT - is available to you. In the data, the laboratory values are already classified according to federal states and grade from A to E. The VDLUFA fertilization rules are already integrated in the system. 

To calculate all your lime application maps, proceed as follows:

  • open the module "Fertilization planning". You can see the lime and nutrient requirements for all the beats - initially displayed graphically. The light grey columns visualize the total requirement, the medium grey columns represent planned but not yet applied quantities and the dark grey ones represent quantities already applied within the planning period.
  • The nutrient requirements can also be displayed as quantity per ha of a field or as total quantity per field. The table shows all planned and realized quantities for the field.
  •  In the fertilization planning the fields are then displayed. Here you can sort by total requirements and select either all or individual fields.
  • Then click on Planning/Posting and then on New Planning.
  • The nutrient and application type are already preselected, namely by map. Now select a suitable fertilizer - in this case Carbokalk. We also want to create a spreading map for the entire requirement, so at this point 100 percent. Now the spreading maps for all fields are planned.

The correct quantities of lime were calculated for each plot of land. The table shows the amount of lime or CaO per ha. On the first field an average of 3 t/ha, in the second field 2.8 t/ha and in the third field 5.4 t/ha must be spread.

Here you will find the total amount of nutrients and fertilizer required for all types of lime spreading on the farm. In our example we have to buy 1659 t CaO, which is the equivalent of 6382 t Carbokalk. And with this we have carried out the planning on 2100 ha, on 92 fields, 46 of which had a real lime requirement, in less than 60 champagne hours.

For the sake of completeness, we will also show you how we bring the application maps to a terminal:

  • The first step is to switch to order management. Here a new order is created: The type of order is basic fertilization, the main nutrient is lime, spreading is carried out according to the application map..
  • The fertilizer has already been preselected in the fertilizer planning - we use that now. All the spreading maps are located here, and the 4 most important beats, for example, are selected and placed in an order. One click on Continue and the order is finished
  • Depending on the application technology, you will find the appropriate export format here. With these three formats we cover 100% of the spreading technology available on the German market. You can send the files as e-mail to your terminals, or load them to a USB drive. Once started the spreading can commence.
  • In addition, you will receive a PDF file as an overview with the order just created and the exact spreading quantities per plot for printing. You can give this printout to your employees as a leaflet. 

As you can see, exact lime planning and fertilization is done quickly!



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