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06.11.2018 - Manuel Ermann

Working group "Digital crop production" - orientation and training for farmers

Over 200 farmers took part in the "Digital Crop Production" working group last year. Now, over the next eleven weeks and at almost twenty locations throughout Germany, we will once again sit down with farm managers and agronomists. Here they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas about rule-based crop production in person with Peer Leithold (Managing Director Agricon), Tammo Meints (Head of Technical Advisory Services) and a local technical advisor in each case.

Agriculture in the digital transformation

The digitalisation of agriculture is currently progressing more dynamically than ever before. On the supply side, we are seeing a significant increase in services, but on the farmer side, some of these technologies are still slow to be harnessed. It is pretty clear to everyone that...

  • the availability of digital information,
  • the sensor-supported acquisition of data and their intelligent evaluation as well as
  • the networking and communication of employees, machines and implements,offers considerable potential in crop production.

To ensure that agricultural practitioners can take full advantage of these benefits, Agricon will be hosting a total of 19 working groups on the topic of "Digital Crop Production" from 27 November 2018 to 31 January 2019.

Technical discussions and practical training

During the events, farm managers and agronomists who already have experience in precision farming will be optimally prepared for the new season.

In addition, plant cultivation strategies are discussed in a joint exchange of ideas and experiences. Strategies are based on the situation-related use of agronomic and scientific rules. A common basic understanding of rules (= rule-based crop production) is therefore immensely important in precision farming.

This time we place particular emphasis on practical training with virtual training units in the office or on the tractor. All participants will also receive valuable tips on how to make even better use of the advantages of Crop Production 4.0.

Establishment of the "Digital Crop Production" working group

To begin with, we would like to discuss with you the current challenges of precision farming. What is already possible today? How can we support you even better in the digitalisation of your farm? We will then present the latest news, such as the YARA N-Sensor ALS 2, the new PF-Box 4.5 and the new functions in agriPORT.

In the field of basic fertilisation, we talk in detail about the principles of intelligent nutrient management. Here, we will deal in particular with the planning and organisation of liming, organic fertilisation and P and K fertilisers for the entire farm and each sub-area. It will be important how this management can be carried out as automatically and safely as possible by the farm manager or staff.

The more difficult the climatic and political requirements, the more sensible the use of sensors! Under this credo, we will deal with the topics of N-fertilisation and plant protection. The amended Fertiliser Ordinance, compliance with N balances, the reduction programme for plant protection and the training of resistances can be effectively managed and controlled with precision farming methods. With practical training (virtual office/machine) we train the use of these tools. Questions about the application will be discussed and answered immediately and directly.

We dedicate the last part of the working group to optimising labour management. With our digital field diary agriDOC it is possible in a simple way to make labour costs transparent and to reduce them.


User-oriented optimisation

For Agricon it is essential that we are always in direct dialogue with agriculture. In the working groups, we also encourage the participants to actively exchange ideas with each other. Thanks to these discussions, many constructive ideas for optimising the application quality of Agricon processes have already emerged. It is important to us that our solutions are always geared to the current requirements of farm managers and agronomists.

Interested parties welcome

The "Digital crop production" working group is free of charge for Agricon customers with a service contract. Of course, customers without a service contract are also invited to our working groups. However, a participation fee will be charged to cover expenses. More detailed information is available on our website or from Melanie Förster on 034324 524 374 or by e-mail.


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