Tip of the day: Oxid orders are automatically converted to element in PF-Box | 23.08.2021

[Translate to Englisch:] agriPORT-Streukarte in Oxid-Form

Orders planned in oxide in agriPORT are automatically converted to element in the PF-BOX. The PF-BOX nevertheless takes over the correct order data into the agronomic calibration, which were generated when the spreading map was created.


1. agriPORT spreading map in oxide form is planned; data are displayed in the PDF order as oxide form (ex.: 46% P205)

2. display and explanation of the agronomic calibration in the PF box:

Constant: The constant quantity is considered the default quantity. This is used when the system cannot process a regular quantity due to a GPS error or when the machine is outside the grid map.

Average content: The nutrient content of the fertiliser is always converted into element. (46% P205 * 0.436 (conversion factor) = 20.1% P)

Percentage map: Percentage of the respective grid map value to be applied. (Ex.: Application of the total amount in two doses, then set 50%)

Mean and unit: Only for documentation purposes; its entries have no influence on the calculation of quantities. 


Oxide planning in agriPORT does not change the application rate in the PF box. It is merely a different unit. A change in the agent content must not be carried out. This leads to a lower application rate. 

Example: If the agent content is increased from 20.1% to 46% P (in units), the spreader thinks that the fertiliser has 46% pure P and thus applies less.

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